i will reblog this as many times as it takes me to stop finding this funny

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I was about to go to bed and I get an email from the housing services to my school email saying I checked out a broom and dust pan and I literally had to get everything together and go all the way downstairs to the service desk and be like ‘wtf’ and the desk guy was just like ‘yeeeah we’re having some technical issues sorry you no longer have the dustpan you never had’

not tired now that I went through that shit


In the corner of the room you see a small unlit iron brassiere.

Our DM mispronouncing the word ‘brazier' while describing a torture chamber

My roommate was entirely unconvinced that my tattoo was real like she refused to believe it and thought we were all fucking with her



at what point in a mutual followship am i allowed to address you by name and reply to all your posts and consider you one of my friends and stuff

#if you’re waiting for a sign #this is it

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Name three characters you think of when you think of me.

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send this to your crush with no context

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